Handlebars, Grips & Controls

Experience the essence of customization and control with the selection of Harley-Davidson handlebars, grips, and controls. This collection is tailored to enhance both the aesthetic and ergonomic aspects of your ride. Crafted for precision and comfort, these components are designed to offer a seamless blend of style and functionality. Whether you're cruising city streets or carving through country roads, the right set of handlebars and grips can transform your motorcycle into an extension of yourself, offering unparalleled control and a striking visual statement.

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The grips in this collection are engineered for comfort and durability, providing a reliable connection between you and your machine. With materials selected for their tactile feel and endurance, these grips are meant to withstand the rigours of the road while reducing vibration and enhancing rider comfort. Control is paramount when riding a Harley-Davidson, and our selection of controls is designed to ensure that every shift and throttle adjustment is smooth and intuitive.

Harley-Davidson handlebars come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different riding positions and styles. From the relaxed reach of a cruiser bar to the aggressive stance of drag bars, each design is optimized for rider ergonomics and bike control. These bars not only influence the handling of your Harley-Davidson, but also contribute significantly to its overall look. The right choice can elevate the motorcycle's appearance, making it a true representation of your personal style.

To complement the handlebars and grips, Harley-Davidson controls are the finishing touch that completes the interface between rider and machine. They are crafted for responsive performance and ease of use, ensuring that every command is executed with confidence. From sleek chrome to understated matte finishes, our controls add a touch of elegance while maintaining the rugged charm that is synonymous with Harley-Davidson motorcycles.