Top 10 Harley® Cleaning Products

September 08, 2022

Keeping your pride and joy sparkling

Looking after your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is a crucial part of the rider lifestyle... maintaining ultimate Harley® performance, sleek and crisp Harley® aesthetics and of course, keeping that bike rumbling just right. In order to keep everything on your bike in tip top condition, you need to keep it clean! We've selected our 'Top 10' cleaning products that are currently in stock which you need in your life!

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 H-D® Chrome Clean and Shine


Professional strength non-abrasive cleaner to help you achieve a long-lasting shine all year round. This detergent-resistant formula is easy to apply and gives a bright and buffed finish to any chrome, decorative piece of aluminium, brass or stainless steel surface.

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Chrome detailer and cleaner

H-D® Leather Protectant


Keeping your leather in tip top condition will keep your bike looking fresh. After all, what is the most used part of your motorcycle? The seat! So keep it looking great with this protectant which is effective in most weather conditions and specially produced for smooth and oil-tanned leather.

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H-D Leather Protectant

ACF-50 Anti Corrosion Spray


If you haven't heard of ACF-50 yet then you're probably new on the biker scene. This stuff provides you with ultimate corrosion resistance, designed for things much larger than your standard Harley-Davidson® motorcycle - more along the lines of space traveling rockets! Apply generously and rest easy knowing that your bike is protected!

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ACF-50 Anti Corrosion Spray - Perfect Repellent for all corrosion types

H-D® Scratch and Swirl repair


Formulated to remove fine scratches and swirl marks from gloss paint, this unique compound works great on small coating damage. Leaving your motorcycle with that new bike shine.

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Scratch and Swirl repair

H-D® Microfiber Detailing Cloth


This super soft microfiber synthetic cloth was designed for multi purpose washing, cleaning and buffing. Used in either wet or dry conditions on all surface areas, it will be the one cloth for all cleaning accessories. It includes a storage container to keep it fresh for your cleaning sessions.

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Harley-Davidson Microfibre Cloth

K&N Power Kleen Air Filter Cleaner


K&N Power Kleen cleans and restores your air filter to manufacturer standard. The washable and rechargeable filters use a special coating to help filter fine particles from incoming air flow. Over time, gradually you get worn out or degrading elements within the air filter. Restore to its original colour and keep it flowing better than ever with K&N Power Kleen.

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K&N Power Kleen 32 fl oz Air Filter Cleaner

H-D® Cleaning brush kit


Produced especially for each component on your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, this brush kit will give you everything you need to reapply that original Harley® sparkle and glow. Make every corner of your motorcycle happy with this set of 3 wood handled cleaning brushes, giving you access to all areas of your ride.

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H-D® Cleaning brush kit

H-D® Wheel and Tyre Cleaner


The roads have nasty oils, dirt and elements which decrease the quality of your motorcycle's tyres and wheels. This product will safely remove brake dust and road grime from wheels, tyres and whitewalls in seconds - you can also use this product on black-coated exhaust pipes and mufflers.

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H-D® Wheel and Tyre cleaner

H-D® Gloss Detailer


This easy-to-apply mist produces a high-quality gloss finish within seconds of application. Formulated with UV protection and an enhanced luster, your bike will be looking crisper than ever. Containing no wax, oils, or hydrocarbon solvents, it will not remove Glaze Poly Sealants.

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H-D® Gloss detailer

H-D® Denim Paint Paint Cleaner


This product is fantastic at cleaning and protecting silky matte finished paint work. Leaving no residue or streaks behind, just spray and wipe away oils, fingerprints and dust. Heavily soiled surfaces should be washed with Sun Wash Bike Soap and water before application of this product.

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H-D® Denim Paint paint cleaner


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